Our Entrepreneurship implementation module Developing Excellence in Entrepreneurship – From Business Facing to Business Creating

From Student to Student Entrepreneur A student’s academic journey from application to completion of their degree can be described through the Student Lifecycle Model (Figure 1). At each stage of the lifecycle different support needs arise, as BFEIC manages its relationship with the student.

Phase 1: Pre-enrolment Pre-application, application, pre-registration

Phase 2: Post-enrolment Registration, induction, early retention interventions, personalized programme planning;

Phase 3: Mid-programme activities Programme management, recording of achievement, placement management, retention

Phase 4: Graduation and post-graduation: alumni management, fund raising, post-graduation marketing

BFIEC is offering its students a number of services to enhance their entrepreneurship skills such as workshops, conferences, industrial bulletins, government policies awareness program,In providing administrative support. In order to address the specific requirement and needs of entrepreneurial skills.

From Idea to Business Plan (Entrepreneurial Student! Potential Entrepreneur)

The next step in supporting a student’s entrepreneurial journey at BFEIC is to provide them with an opportunity to experience entrepreneurship in a practical set up, allowing them to test and build their entrepreneurial skills further, and to evaluate whether an entrepreneurial career might be feasible option to make the most of their talents. The BFEIC support this process by,

- Providing training, mentoring and advice on entrepreneurial careers and starting a   business

- Helping students to shape their entrepreneurial ideas e.g. into a business plan

- Helping students to assess the viability of their entrepreneurial ideas