Build Your Product. Win Customers. Validate Your Market

A Product is more than mere code. It has to solve a real problem - more than that, it has to solve it elegantly. We understand that first-time entrepreneurs struggle in identifying their target customers, and in that key set of features which will make their product click. We work with Entrepreneurs through the customer development process in making the connect between customers - problems and in shaping of the product being built. We help shape a venture, through the continuous learning and feedback process, and through pivots (if needed) to arrive at the birth of a startup.

Our Team, is Your Team

The aim of the Incubator program is to help transform your prototype and product vision into a viable product with Product-Market validation, over a 6 month period. The teams go through a cycle of Prototype Building, Customer Development, Product-Market Fit Process and to the beginnings of the Business Model Cycle.

So, What Can You Expect?

6 Months Hands-on Mentorship

The program gives enough time for your team to build the first version of the product and get the market validation done. By the end of it, you’ll be ready with a product that people want, and are willing to pay money for. The teams will have their first checkpoint in Month 3 to deliver a Minimum Viable Product, Followed by Customer validation and the remainder of time (approx 2 months) to Pivot accordingly.

The Collaborative Work Environment

The Center was designed in a way to leverage an open floor - by learning from each other and being able to pivot and build quickly. That has worked phenomenally well for us. We provide the furnished office space and bandwidth (internet and guidance) for the duration of the program. Teams make friends - sometimes for life - during this time. Who said, you have to build a startup alone?

Professional Guidance

For the duration of the Program, mentors of BFEIC will be available to interact with on a regular basis to guide you. Teams will have regular access to our extensive network of business and technology experts, many of whom are experienced entrepreneurs in the Indian Landscape. Our Mentor Base is extensive, so we are confident that we can connect you with an expert for any specific needs, be it marketing, finance, Strategy or product development-related.

Access to the Community

We are Based Bangalore, an Ecosystem which is Vibrant in terms of Entrepreneurial, Technical and Design Talent. Don't believe us? You should absolutely attend one of the many meetings that happen atleast once a month. We understand that it takes a village to raise a Child - as well as a startup. Being at BFEIC is a way of being plugged in.

The Stack

An Average Product Startup goes through 2.5 iterations before they get their product right. How do we cut down on that iteration as much as possible? The right tools. Through our partnerships we are able to provide the teams, the best stack that is out there, to ensure that they are equipped to churn out the first product. Some of our Partners also offer significant credits on their stacks - the good news, the choice is upto you

Access to Customers

There is only one way to figure the validity of the proposition that you as a startup offer - talking to actual customers. Part of the Program is a structured way of identifying and talking to customers to validate your offering, and align yourself to make the solution elegant and easy to use. We believe in Customers First, Everything else Second - and we help you make that a priority.

The Accelerator Bee-line

BFEIC runs an Accelerator Program that follows the Resident Program in terms of the stage of the Venture. As such, the teams that will be graduating out of the Resident Program, will get a wild-card entry into being part of the Accelerator, should the team wish to be. We also have a history of some of the graduating teams being sought out by the Y Combinators, 500 Startups and Techstars of the World.

Visibility to the Media and Investors

At the end of the day every startup has to grow its identify and our network of Media Partners and Investment community help us get some of our promising startups an early access to be discovered. It doesn't guarantee success, but it gives you a milestone to aim for, in terms of building an enterprise. Just one more step in the right direction.